Objective Based Web Design

1. Objectives & Ideas

All our projects start with a discussion with our clients to find out what they are looking to achieve with their website. Once we have the background information and objectives in place, we can start looking for ideas to build the website upon. These ideas are the foundation of what we're looking to achieve for your website.

2. Sketching and Design

Once we have the ideas ready, we can start the next stage creating sketches, wireframes and mock-ups. This will allow us get a clearer idea of the look and feel of the website and allow us to design a better user interface (UI).

3. Development

With all the preparations from the previous stage, we can start developing a website using a lean approach which allows us to continuously gather feedback and refine the website until we have a good looking and well functioning website which converts.

4. Measure & Iterate

This is often the most overlooked phase by web design companies. Not with us. We measure to see if the website is meeting our clients objectives. If not, why? The answers lie in the metrics and analysis. Based on this information we can learn, refine and find new ways to meet desired objectives.