Inbound Marketing


Before beginning an inbound marketing campaign, we need to have a clear insight of our clients business. From company background and customer profiles to competitors and business goals, all this information gathering allows us to build a more robust campaign.

Most importantly, based on this information, we can set the metrics that will be used to measure the ongoing performance of the inbound marketing campaign.

Attract Audience

At Dynamic Digital we have an integrated approach to building online audiences. We like to use term called 'social search' to describe a large chunk of what we do to attract visitors.

  • SEO & Linkbuilding - Getting the website ready for the search engines (SEO) by carefully picking the right keywords, optimising the keywords and building links.
  • Content Marketing - Building and promoting valuable and fantastic content which people will want to share and link to.
  • Social Media - Getting involved in online conversations on the social media channels by sharing content an engaging with peers and customers.

Capturing Leads

As traffic starts increasing. There needs to be good enough and plenty of calls to action to turn these visitors into leads or sales.

This could be getting them to join a mailing list, make an enquiry or following the client on a social network etc. There's plenty of creative ways to entice visitors into the sales funnel. It could be through offering them a something of value e.g. a free ebook or white paper. It also requires having a user-friendly website with great content and plenty of calls to action.

Converting leads into customers

In order to turn leads into customers, we need to build trust and demonstrate authority. This is done by regularly engaging them with targeted and quality content via the channels they signed up i.e. email newsletter, social networks.

Our team will carefully craft out a measurable content strategy designed to with the user in mind. For example, if someone signs up to the mailing list by downloading an ebook on Accountancy for Startups, it makes logical sense build an email campaign with related content.

Maintaining Relationships

We firmly believe that a customer making that initial purchase should be the beginning of a special relationship between your business and the customer. We can use platforms such as email, social media, blogging and forums to ensure that you are managing your online relationship with your customers.

We can help you do this by producing engaging content, building baits, landing pages that will get customers coming back for more and also referring your business to their peers.


We understand that for any marketing campaign to be successful, it's vital to continuously measure and iterate. The aim is to be more efficient and to keep fine tuning the whole inbound sales process.

We set the hypothesis, goals and targets at the beginning of the campaign and use metrics to test the progress and success of the campaign.

There's a number of metrics that can be used to measure a campaign. The number of visitors, leads generated and customers are the obvious ones. But, there's other metrics such as conversion rates per variable, competitive benchmarks, content performance metrics and many more.