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I’m writing this post to talk about how we see inbound marketing at Dynamic Digital, why we decided to move away from the SEO agency model, what to look for in a good inbound marketing agency.

Initially, when I first started Dynamic Digital in late 2011, I was only offering SEO, linkbuilding and social media. Although this was a success for the clients at the time, the model was limited because the focus was on improving the search engine rankings and the number of visitors. But there wasn’t as much focus on the wider business objectives of clients.

Relying on one marketing channel (SEO) is extremely flawed because a small change in the external environment can be the difference between thriving or closing shop (worst case scenario). Plus, there’s a limit to what we can offer in terms of quality by offering just SEO on its own.

We’re focused on being a more dynamic and agile agency that has a big impact on our clients overall business performance. In order to do this, we need offer a more integrated digital marketing services to our clients.

It’s still a high priority to offer SEO, however, it’s also a necessity to include social media channels, content marketing, email marketing, community building, conversion rate optimisation, web analytics and plenty of other channels as part of an overall package.

This way, we’re building more streams of traffic, leads and revenue and are more likely to have a bigger impact on the clients business objectives and goals. All this is done without buying any traffic. This is called inbound marketing because it attracting traffic to convert into leads and then into sales.

Cost of Inbound Marketing

In order to have successful inbound marketing campaign, you need ideas that are going to turn into amazing content, that people will share and link to. In order to create such content that stands out, talented people are required – great writers, developers and designers. A successful inbound marketing campaign takes time and effort to plan and implement. It requires ongoing testing, measuring, iterating.

The monthly cost of inbound marketing can vary depending what the goals are of the business and what capabilities they provide in house. But generally, it’s anything from £1000 to £20,000 + a month, depending on the size of the company, how big their market is, competition etc.

Inbound marketing requires the need to consistent innovation, planning, designing, building, testing, measuring, iterating. Any agency willing to charge less money should be questioned with suspicion, because there’s a higher risk that they will produce poor quality which will waste your time and money.

Let me know what your thoughts are on agencies replacing SEO with a whole inbound marketing package?

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